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Monetochka: listen to the new album from Russia’s favourite YouTube pop star

Monetochka: listen to the new album from Russia's favourite YouTube pop star

25 May 2018

Liza Girdimova — aka Monetochka — shot to internet stardom back in 2016 with self-penned pop songs poking fun at Russian life, world politics, and discount store cheese.

Aged just 16, she soon amassed thousands of fans who had fallen in love with her laidback style and tongue-in-cheek-lyrics. Now the Yekaterinburg-born singer has finished school and started work on her what is already her second album: an upbeat dream rap record called Raskraski Dlya Vyroslikh, or Colouring-In for Adults.

There’s a greater kick and more musical depth in her latest tracks (using a recording studio, rather than singing in your bedroom, does have its benefits) but the same wit, sarcasm and layered lyrics keep shining through.

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