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The Mixtape: join Oat Oaks on a hypnotic rock odyssey to the edge of mighty Volgograd

The Mixtape: join Oat Oaks on a hypnotic rock odyssey to the edge of mighty Volgograd

Volzhsky-based DJ and musician, Vadim Zolotukhin and his band Oat Oaks take us into the bohemian world of southern Russian rock

7 June 2018
Volzhsky is a small town perched on the banks of the mighty Volga, across from its big brother Volgograd. It might seem an unassuming place, but in recent years its been colonised by a wave of young music fanatics who have turned this Soviet outpost into one of the most vibrant scenes in the southern provinces. Exclusively for The Calvert Journal, Volzhsky native Vadim Zolotukhin — aka Oat Oaks — has created this mixtape of eclectic and enigmatic Volga rock to give you a taste of the area’s energy. Spanning from classic rock to noise and drone, plus indie tunes and a healthy dose of spiky post-punk, it’s living proof of the creative DIY spirit of Russia’s towns. Dive in.


Rough Partner—- I Won’t Bother Your Sleep

Then it hit me — Emptiness becomes you (give me a chance)

Dr Zoldberg — Last

Eyes of Amphibians — Krai

Stress — Boy You’ve Got Trouble

Oat Oaks — Un Arf [Hunfr Afr]

Galloping Elephants — You’ve lost yourself!

Ellie in a poppy field — Time to go back home

Our hydroelectric — Blue suede shoegazer

Zi Fir — My Twin’s Lover Is Dead

Doominsp — Homeless (feat. Opasnaya Britva)

Enjineer — Somali students in Russia

James Bonđ and sex — Untitled I

Microwave Popcorn — Vegan Love

Charly Newar — Escapism

PTChTs — Song about ice cream

Nn — Alone

Kalder — Howling

OPAL — Gold mine

AyrKeida — Real

Sabotage — Skinhead

Liars on the Bicycles — Fall Asleep

Magic Carpet — Endless wall

Muah Muah — In Circles