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Russian state TV accused of photoshopping North Korea’s ‘grumpy’ Kim Jong-Un

Russian state TV accused of photoshopping North Korea's 'grumpy' Kim Jong-Un

4 June 2018

Flicking through the official snaps of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s trip to Pyongyang last week, you might have noticed the North Korean president Kim Jong-Un looking a little down in the dumps.

Despite his endless enthusiasm for farm equipment, factory visits, and other socialist propaganda staples, Kim seemed a little less enthralled by Russia’s chief diplomat, with photographers capturing a rather serious frown during the pair’s official press call on May 31.

The president’s dour expression proved no problem for Russian state TV however, with eagle-eyed viewers spotting a far happier Kim during a report for Channel 1’s flagship news show, Vesti Nedelya, on June 3. They accused the programme’s producers of photoshopping the original image to give the North Korean leader a happier, more media-friendly look.

The official Russian Foreign Ministry photo…

... and his happier appearance on Vesti Nedelya

The show’s host, Dmitry Kisleyov, has vehemently denied the claims, telling Moscow radio station Govorit Moskva that rapid-fire cameras had simply captured the same moment with different facial expressions.