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Peel back the layers of architectural history with this playful take on Brutalism

13 June 2018

Poznań-based design studio Zupagrafika has launched a new photo project uncovering the hidden beauty of brutalist buildings everywhere.

Architecture-lovers can peel away reusable black “negatives” on 24 Polaroid-style frames to reveal untapped urban gems.

The series, shot by Zupagrafika along with photographers Alexander Veryovkin and Peter Chadwick, spotlight cityscapes from Warsaw, Moscow, Berlin and London.

The team say that the project lets buyers “remove the negative and discover the brutal charm of European suburbia”.

“Modernist housing estates erected in the suburbs of European cities after the Second World War have been ignored and neglected for decades,” says Zupagrafika. “Although they are homes to the vast majority of urbanites, many would rather they were invisible.”

For more information, or to pick up a pack of your own, you can visit the Zupagrafika website here.