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Art Food: the Polish ceramics show that’s serving up the future

21 June 2018

From Instagram to glossy magazines, food culture is thriving. Cooks and food stylists spend hours agonising over the perfect photo-worthy dish — and what the food is served on can make all the difference.

Polish-led program Art Food has been helping young designers create functional, high-fashion ceramics and tableware since 2013.

Organisers describe the project as way of exploring a rapidly-expanding, experimental area of design, without restrictions on the imagination.

“[The goal is to] create unusual yet functional ceramic tableware — objects upon which culinary art is exposed and presented, objects which accentuate the beauty of the remarkable dishes and serve as canvases,” they say.

Students from art schools across the world — including the School of Form in Poznań, Central Saint Martin’s College in London and the Pratt Institute in New York — have already taken part, creating 48 unique dish collections under the watchful eye of renowned Polish ceramicist Marek Cecuła.

Now, a new exhibition has now opened in New York, to celebrate students’ work over the last five years.

Supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the show will run from 25 June until 8 September at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery. For more information, visit the gallery website here.