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These adorable three-wheeled cars are Estonia’s latest eco-friendly start-up

3 July 2018

With its sleek curved lines and retro kitsch, the Nobe 100 is the perfect tribute to 1950s style.

But the Estonia-based start-up isn’t just appealing to nostalgia: it’s part of a new generation of lightweight electric cars.

After smashing its $1.2 million crowdfunding campaign, Nobe is already gearing up to send their electric three-wheelers across the world.

Equipped with all-wheel drive, the car tops out at 68 mph, with a battery which can carry the car for 137 miles with each two-hour recharge.

Company CEO Roman Muljar says he wants the car to combine style with high-quality engineering.

“I’m searching for timeless perfection. And I want this amazing fusion of design and engineering to be Estonian born and bred,” he said. “These days, the whole world is watching the evolution of electric vehicles. While the established automotive giants may still be at the forefront of the market these days, I’m confident that Estonia is uniquely positioned to launch its first light electric vehicle (LEV).”

To support the Nobe campaign, or to order a car for yourself, visit the company’s website here.