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Join Estonian photographer Maria Kapajeva as she discovers her father’s former life

4 July 2018

When Maria Kapajeva discovered an old box of negatives at her parents’ house, she met a young man she had never known: her father.

The 200 processed and unprocessed films had all been taken by her father in his youth: before he had met Kapajeva’s mother. They revealed a side to him that the Estonian photographer had never encountered.

Her latest project, You Can Call Him Another Man is the result of digging into the lost images of her father’s life, using the photographs to create her own stories and connections.

Supported by the Kaunas Photography Gallery and an Estonian Cultural Endowment, it is Kapajeva’s first photo book. Even in its initial stages, the project was shortlisted for FOAM Dummy Award (2016), TOP 10 of Self-Publish Riga (2016) and ‘Rock Your Dummy’ at Le PhotoBookFest in Paris (2015).

“It’s my way of building a portal between an unfinished past and a reopened future,” she said.

To order the book, or to see more of Kapajeva’s work, visit her website here.