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Check out the sweet new honeycomb coin celebrating Latvia’s natural beauty

24 July 2018

A Latvian designer is causing a buzz with a new honeycomb-shaped coin celebrating the Baltic country’s ecological treasures.

Arthur Analts, who represented Latvia at this year’s London Design Biennale, created a patchwork of golden hexagons, some filled with glistening frosted honey.

The hexagons on the back of the 5 Euro coin also mimic Latvia’s topography, complete with the gulf of Riga.

The coin was issued earlier this year by the Bank of Latvia as a collectors’ item.

Analts, who works at Variant Studios along with co-founder Rudolph Strelis, said that the coin hopes to honour Latvia’s ecological drive, diverse nature, and abundant resources.

“The image of [Latvia as] Dievzemīte, the Land of God, has been nurtured and cherished for years. Citizens, who are as busy as bees in their day-to-day lives, enrich their country like bees fill a hive,” the Bank of Latvia says. “The Honey Coin is a symbol of diligence and the sweetness of work.”