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Meet the Polish painter mixing lace doilies and kick-ass street art

8 August 2018

With traditional doilies rapidly disappearing from homes across Europe, Polish artist NeSpoon is taking the ancient art of lacemaking out onto the streets.

Her work now appears across the globe, transforming traditional patterns into large and smalle-scale murals in Australia and Europe.

NeSpoon, who also works with ceramics and sculpture, says her work lets her mix lacemaking’s ancient folk roots with the freedom of street art.

“I would like to make positive art and deal with positive emotions,” she says. “In lace there is an aesthetic code which is deeply embedded in every culture. In lace, we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony. Isn’t that what we all seek instinctively?”

To see more of NeSpoon’s work, visit her Instagram here or her Behance page here.