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Kazakh feminist activist fined for photoshoot

Kazakh feminist activist fined for photoshoot
Image: Feminita

21 August 2018

Kazakh feminist LGBT activist Zhanar Sekerbayeva has been arrested and charged with hooliganism for staging a photoshoot aimed to raise awareness about taboos surrounding menstruation in Kazakh society.

On 9 August, Sekerbayeva, a co-founder of the Kazakhstani feminist group called Feminita, participated in a photoshoot, which saw her and other activists stand in the streets holding up signs, including one of a woman menstruating over yurts (traditional nomadic houses). She was detained several days after and appeared in court on the charges of hooliganism.

On 20 August the court found Sekerbayeva guilty of hooliganism and fined her 12,025 tenge (approximately $33). Sekerbayeva has said in a Facebook statement that she will appeal the decision.