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Glimpse Russia 2077 with digital artist Evgeny Zubov

22 August 2018

Digital artist Evgeny Zubov has revealed a new sci-fi vision for Russia almost 60 years into the future with his latest work, Russia 2077.

Following on from his earlier series, Russia 2046, the new project plays comic book tech against familiar backdrops and designs: from the iconic Lada to the Moscow metro.

Other images have a more sinister take: including the all-seeing skyscrapers emblazoned with the logo for Russia’s controversial online watchdog, Roskomnadzor.

Zubov is one part of St. Petersburg-based collective MXD Project, who have already built a following with their pop culture tinted take on modern surrealism.

“We manipulate the images so as to turn ordinary landscapes into a parallel reality,” the group says.

To see more of Evgeny’s work, visit his Instagram here.