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These Russian cartoons are going global after being picked up by Netflix

12 September 2018

Global streaming giant Netflix has snapped up the rights to two Russian cartoons that are set to be released worldwide.

Leo and Tig and Mi-Mi Mishki — or the Be-Be Bears for English-speaking audiences — were both created by the Moscow-based Parovoz Animation Studios.

Be-Be Bears features brown bear Bucky, polar bear Bjorn, and their friend Little Fox, who together explore the natural world and embrace the power of friendship. Similarly, Leo and Tig introduces children to the wilderness of Russia’s remote Altai Region.

Once they have been dubbed into different languages, both cartoons will be available in 190 countries.

“This is a landmark event for the studio and confirmation of the relevance of our ideas to all markets,” said Antp Smetankin, Parovoz general director. The studio is now working on new, experimental projects set to be announced this autumn.