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These vintage Eastern Bloc postcards are an architecture lover’s dream

18 September 2018

With flawless blue skies and the latest landmarks of cutting edge design, postcards from across the Soviet Union were miniature propaganda posters for the success of the communist system.

Showcasing brutalist hotels, futurist TV towers, and bold concrete tower blocks, each image is a snapshot of the transformative decades between 1960 and 1990: from the endless optimism of Khrushchev’s Thaw, to the closing years of the Cold War.

Collected as part of a new book, Brutal Bloc Postcards, and interspersed with quotes from the era’s leading political figures, the pictures offer a nostalgic insight into another time. Perhaps most importantly, it lets readers glimpse some of the former Eastern Bloc’s iconic landmarks at a time when they were prized and cherished — even as they now sit derelict, abandoned, or have since disappeared for good.

Brutal Bloc Postcards is published by FUEL.