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Estonia leads the way in Business Life’s latest innovation rankings

Estonia leads the way in Business Life's latest innovation rankings
Image: Visit Tallinn/Kaupo Kalda Drone Photography

15 November 2018

Tallinn has been named among Europe’s top innovation cities by British Airways’ Business Life magazine.

The Estonian capital impressed with its e-government system, which has put almost all official services online. It was also lauded for its strong tech-savvy workforce. Some engineers at Europe’s top startups apparently even work remotely from Tallinn to support offices in London.

Tallinn was the only city from the New East to make the list, with other prominent entries including London and Luxembourg.

Rotterdam was praised for its pioneering maritime technology, while the Spanish city of Bilbao impressed with a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Portugal’s second largest city of Porto also featured, with business people latching on to the town’s “spirit of adventure.”