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Hedgehog in Fog to be trademarked

Hedgehog in Fog to be trademarked
A still from the Hedgehog in the Fog (1975)

4 July 2013

The much loved animation Hedgehog in the Fog will be registered as a trademark by its creator Yury Norshtein to prevent images from the animated film being used without prior consent, The Moscow Times reported. In an interview with Russian newspaper Izvestia, Norshtein said: β€œAll and sundry are using the hedgehog and are putting his picture on different things.”

The ten-minute, award-winning animation was created in 1975 and has remained a favourite among generations of Russians. The animation, based on a fairly tale by Sergei Kozlov, follows a small hedgehog who gets lost in a thick fog while walking through a forest to meet his friend, the bear cub, for a cup of tea. He eventually makes it out the other side to find the bear waiting for him by his samovar.

Source: The Moscow Times