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London Met launches work-study exchange for Moscow architecture students

London Met launches work-study exchange for Moscow architecture students
Alexander Brodsky in his Moscow studio. Photograph: Petr Antonov/Grinberg Agency

11 July 2013

London Metropolitan University is launching a new architecture module this September to allow students from London and Moscow to study and work in both cities. London students will have the opportunity to work alongside high-profile Russian architects including Alexander Brodsky, dubbed ‘Russia’s greatest living architect’ by the Guardian in 2012.

The course will also be led by Moscow-based architect Xenia Adjoubei with guest lectures from other high-profile figures such as Peter Markli, founder of Märkli Architekt, and Mark Brearley, the former head of Design for London. Robert Mull, Dean of Architecture at the London Met, told BD online: “Moscow is a vert fast-growing, dynamic place so the possibility for students to be part of that is very appealing.”

The module follows the launch of the Moscow Architecture School (MARCH) last year, which offers a two-year Master’s diploma in Architecture and Urbanism validated by London Met. MARCH is part of the British Higher School of Art and Design, based in the Artplay complex in east Moscow.

Adjoubei, who trained at the London Met before taking up her current post at MARCH and as head of functional architecture developments at Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, told The Calvert Journal that the first students will be arriving as early as next week. She said: “As a warm up, we’re inviting students to a workshop at Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, giving them the opportunity to work on a multi disciplinary workshop with one of Russia’s most renowned artists Nikolai Polissky.”