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Exhibition documents 30 years of Moscow history

8 August 2013

A new exhibition of photographs of Moscow from the Sixties to the late Nineties documents the radical changes that took place in the city during this turbulent time. Moscow Stories at the Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography comprises 280 images covering everything from daily life in the city to historic events.

The exhibition features the work of well-known photographers such as Naum Granovsky, who captured the city’s construction sites as well as the villages of the Moscow region; Nina Sviridova and Dmitry Vozdvizhenskшy, who focused on depicting the lives of young people during the Sixties and Seventies; and Yuri Abramochkin who shot to fame after snapping Yuri Gagarin a month after he was sent to space.

Moscow Stories is the second part of an exhibition that covers 100 years in the city. The first part of the project was presented in 2011 and focused on the diversity of styles in Soviet photography during the first half of the 20th century. The exhibition will run until 8 September.