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Minsk photographer Igor Savchenko has first solo show in Moscow

6 September 2013

Minsk-born photographer Igor Savchenko will have his first solo show in Moscow later this month with an exhibition of images that explore his relationship with reality, memory and history. Savchenko, one of the key figures of the Belarusian conceptual movement of the late Eighties, has had more than 20 solo shows in cities across Europe and the US.

The exhibition, On the New Attitude to Photography, at the Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography, will feature photographs taken from 1989 to 2008. The exhibition looks at the evolution of the artist’s relationship with the photographic medium and his move away from from the visual to the textual that ended with a rejection of photography in the Nineties. “The world in fact does not wish to be photographed and its destructive resistance is growing,” wrote Savchenko in his 1997 manifesto that gives the show its title.

Following a brief hiatus, Savchenko returned to photography in the Noughties, this time experimenting with exposure and different image fixing techniques. The exhibition is part of a long-term project, the Anthology of 20th Century Russian Photography, organised by the Lumiere Brothers centre. It runs from 25 September to 10 November.