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Moscow culture minister Kapkov set to quit

Moscow culture minister Kapkov set to quit

13 September 2013

Sergei Kapkov, minister of culture in the Moscow city government, is poised to resign, Russian broadsheet Vedomosti reports. Kapkov, who became a household name thanks to his prominent role in the remaking of Gorky Park, is said to be “tired”.

Kapkov, 37, took over the running of the park in March 2011; after a positive response to the park’s modernisation he was appointed Minister of Culture, where he attracted attention with eye-catching initiatives such as free entrance to museums during holidays and the creation of a committee on urbanism.

His imminent departure has been met with regret by a range of cultural figures. Marina Loshak, director of the State Pushkin Museum, told “I think most people who are used to what Sergei Kapkov and his team do will regret his leaving. … He absolutely matches the contemporary international idea of a strategist who can determine certain important things for the development of a city.” The mayor’s office has not commented on the issue.