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UK exhibition showcases contemporary Russian female artists

30 October 2013

Russia has a rich tradition of female artists from avant-garde painter Natalia Goncharaova to sculptor Vera Mukhina who gained international recognition in 1937 with Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, an iconic Soviet symbol. Now, a new UK exhibition looks at female artists who have helped shape 20th century Russian art whether from their native home or abroad.

Always in the Vanguard: Women Artists In and Out of Russia in the 21st Century showcases the work of key figures in contemporary Russian art including Olga Tobreluts, Fursey Dasha and Nika Neelova. The exhibit aims to promote Russian artists to new audiences and will go on show from 2 to 30 November at the New Hall Art Collection in Cambridge. It will then re-open in London’s Albermarle Gallery in January 2014.