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Lady Gaga concert organiser fined for gay propaganda

Lady Gaga concert organiser fined for gay propaganda

15 November 2013
Text Jamie Rann

A local court in St Petersburg has imposed a 20 thousand rouble (£400) fine on PMI (Petersburg Music Industry) the company that organised Lady Gaga’s concert in the city on the charge that they failed to protect children from information that might “bring harm to their health and development”, Interfax reports.

The concert, which took place in December 2012, was attended by Vitaly Milonov, a United Russia deputy of the local legislature who has risen to prominence because of his outspoken advocacy for laws on “homosexual propaganda”. Soon after attending, Milonov brought a case against the American singer to the local prosecutor’s office, accusing her of encouraging children over 12 to join LGBT organisations and for abusing the Russian flag.

The prosecutor had previously refused to examine the case, citing the absence of existing protocols.

Although the fine is quite small, it has been seen as significant as it is one of the first successful prosecutions of the new legislation.

PMI organises numerous international concerts across Russia and claims to be the largest media holding in St Petersburg. It was founded in 2000 by Yevgeny Finkselshteyn.