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Damien Hirst’s private collection goes on show in Moscow

Damien Hirst's private collection goes on show in Moscow
You Will Never Forget Me, Colin Lowe (2007)

20 December 2013

A Jeff Koons glass elephant and a Bansky screenprint are just two of the artworks from Damien Hirst’s private collection that have gone on show at Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum. Freedom Not Genius runs until 2 February 2014 and features works from the Hirst’s Murderme collection, a selection of pieces from his British contemporaries as well as classics of modernism and pop art, and other curios.

The exhibition offers insight into Hirst’s development as an artist, including his interest in pharmaceutical packaging and pills. Koon’s Tree Ball 50/50 Tank (1985), a container of three basketballs immersed in a clear liquid, is for example, reminiscent of Hirst’s formaldehyde shark.

In this very personal collection, the richness and diversity of artwork dealing with the theme of death demonstrates an interest bordering on obsession. The exhibition is the second which looks at Hirst as a collector since In the Darkest Hour There May Be Light at London’s Serpentine Gallery in 2006. The eclectic collection features work from Francis Bacon, David Bailey, Alberto Giacometti, Tracey Emin, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami and many others.