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Russia gears up for Sochi with themed metro train

14 January 2014

Russia is gearing up for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with the symbols of the Games popping up all over the country including on the Moscow Metro. The first themed train began operating on the metro’s grey line last week featuring the Olympics’ mascots — a polar bear, a leopard and a hare — as well as information about the history of the Games.

Bosco, the official outfitter for the Russian Olympic team, has also unveiled its Sochi collection inspired by the motto: “So great! So beautiful! So special!”. According to the Bosco website, the collection of tracksuits, T-shirts, caps and bags “will be mementos of that once-in-a-lifetime Olympic atmosphere long after the Games”. The strikingly colourful collection features a specially designed Olympic patchwork quilt pattern made up of different styles of painting and handicraft from each of Russia’s 89 regions.