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Competition invites British children to draw their version of Russia

Competition invites British children to draw their version of Russia
Photograph: Dean Terry under a CC licence

4 April 2014
Text Nadia Beard

A London-based Russia-focused consultancy has launched a competition for British children aged between four and 19 to create art projects on the subject of Russia and media coverage of the country. Russia Local Director Ignaty Dyakov said: “We are aiming to get children and youth involved in the discussion of Russo-British relations … We believe by doing this it can improve Russo-British political, diplomatic and trade relations for the next generation. It could not be more timely with issues on the Ukraine Russia border and the UK-Russia Year of Culture.”

For the competition, participants can submit poems, songs, cartoons and newspaper articles. According to Russia Local’s website, it is hoped that participants will answer some of the following questions: How do you envisage all the good things Russia has to offer? Business opportunities in Russia? How does the media convey Russia? The panel of judges includes Erarta Galleries London Director Beth Morrow.

First prize is a trip to Moscow and book vouchers for the European Bookshop in London. The winner will also have their work displayed as part of an Erarta exhibition in Canary Whart in May 2014. The competition closes on 7 April.