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London exhibition showcases Russian and British emerging artists

8 April 2014
Text Aleksandr Malakhovskii

A new exhibition, TAINT, at London’s GRAD gallery brings together the work of ten emerging Russian and British artists to explore classical painting and its significance today. On show is a variety of different art forms, from sculpture to video, that consider the relationship between paint, gesture and surface.

UK-based artist Claire Undy’s work, Six Plasticine Balls, Three of which are Sculptures (2013), is a meditation on authenticity in art while Katya Sivers, one of the show’s curators, looks at art through the ages in her installation, the History of Art of the Late 20th Century.

Other notable artworks include Moscow artist Ivan Novikov’s blank black canvasses, which prompt the viewer to think about texture and colour, and London-based Heather Ross’s films that explore the thin line between reality and fiction.

“We tried to find new points of contact between Russian and British artists”, said Sivers. “When we were doing the exhibition it turned out that there are very clear directions in which both Russian and British artists are working.”

TAINT will run until 3 May 2014.