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RT documentary about Caucasus wins New York Festivals award

RT documentary about Caucasus wins New York Festivals award

9 April 2014
Text Nadia Beard

A documentary film produced by RT (formerly Russia Today) won the prize for best film in the human concerns category at the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards in Las Vegas last night. Blood and Honour, which documents the tradition of blood feuds and revenge passed down through generations in the Caucasus and Ingushetia, was up against documentaries from other prominent news networks including CNN and Fuji Television Network.

Investigating the strength of revenge as a judicial norm in some communities living in the Caucasus, the film reveals a changing social narrative in which seeking forgiveness is becoming more ordinary.

RT also received two bronze awards for films in the categories of News Promotion and Science and Technology. New York Festivals is one of the largest film festivals in the field of journalism, film and advertising, with participation from major national and international news broadcasters from over 50 countries, including CNN, BBC and Deutsche Welle.