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Titanium iPhone with Vladimir Putin’s face goes on sale for $3,300

12 August 2014
Text Nadia Beard

Fans of Russian president Vladimir Putin can now get their hands on a special-edition titanium iPhone 5S bearing the image of the Russian head of state and the Kremlin. Designed by Italian jewellery firm Perla Penna for luxury phone company Caviar, each of the 499 phones costs 119,000 roubles ($3,300). The handsets, which have gone on sale in Moscow, have been marketed as “Ti Supremo Putin” (Putin, you are supreme).

According to Perla Penna, titanium was chosen because it is “the hardest, most pure metal in the world [reflecting the] indomitable force, unyielding will and steadfastness of Russia’s leader”.

The titanium iPhone follows the company’s successful release of limited edition, gold-plated iPhones with Putin’s portrait across the back. All 44 of the “Supremo Putin” (Supreme Putin) phones sold out within a day when they went on sale in July. The popularity of the gold “Putinphones”, which cost $4,350 a piece, is a result of the Russian president’s “extraordinary personality”, Perla Penna have said.

Putin’s image has also graced a line of T-shirts which are selling fast in Moscow’s GUM department store, after Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke was photographed wearing the top yesterday, while pledging his support of the Russian president. Rourke’s announcement came just days after American actor Steven Seagal performed at a concert in Crimea, after which he donned a similar Putin T-shirt.

Other engraved phones by Perla Penna available for purchase include those emblazoned with images of Leonardo de Vinci, Steve Jobs and Mohammed Ali.

Source: RT

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