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Moscow government launches 3D panorama city app

Moscow government launches 3D panorama city app

28 May 2015

Moscow authorities have launched a test version of a mobile app allowing users to navigate the city by using 3D panoramas of the streets. Electronic Atlas, which until now has only been available on a website, allows users to switch between photos of the city taken in all seasons.

The app, which also unifies services related to travel, including checking road fines, traffic congestion and opening hours, is also said to soon feature a QR-code reader, allowing visitors to the city to scan codes on famous buildings and monuments in the capital to learn facts about them.

“Now it works in test mode, and there will soon be a new version that won’t have any of the errors or defects which the app had at the start,” said Kirill Kuznetsov, head of the department of industrial projects. “On the current test version it is difficult to find the panoramas, so we are going to simplify access to them.”

The app is available for iPhone and Android.