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Georgia offers tax incentives for foreign filmmakers

Georgia offers tax incentives for foreign filmmakers
Svaneti region of Georgia (Image: Polscience under a CC licence)

29 July 2015

The Georgian government has launched a tax rebate system to encourage foreign cinematographers to film in Georgia.

The Film in Georgia initiative is aimed at developing the local film industry and establishing Georgia as an international filming location. It will include a tax refund system, under which filmmakers will receive a 20% rebate for qualifying expenses and a further 2% for any specifically Georgian elements featured in the film. Feature films costing more than $300,000 and documentaries costing more than $150,000 will be eligible for this rebate, providing that at least three days of shooting takes place in Georgia.

David Vashadze, head of exports and distribution at the Georgian National Film Centre, believes that the financial relief offered by the initiative will be crucial in drawing international filmmakers to Georgia.

“We think that this decision is crucially important for the Georgian film industry. There are many film production companies looking for new and very diverse territories. Low bureaucracy and a film friendly atmosphere are very important, but without financial incentives the possibility of attracting of big number of foreign productions is not possible,” he stated.

The Film in Georgia initiative forms part of the wider state programme Produce in Georgia, which works to enable entrepreneurship and strengthen the country’s export potential.