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Russian man wins Air Guitar World Championship

Russian man wins Air Guitar World Championship

1 September 2015

Russian competitor Kirill “Your Daddy” Blumenkrants has won the title of World Air Guitar Champion 2015.

The World Air Guitar Championships took place on Friday in the Finnish city of Oulu and attracted thousands of spectators. Mr Blumenkrants competed for the top prize wearing star-spangled leggings and woollen gloves with flashing fingertips.

In the final round of ten performers, Blumenkrants was tied with three-time US national champion Matt “Airistotle” Burns. After winning out in a final showdown, Mr Blumenkrants was awarded with a handmade electric guitar, becoming the first Russian to win the competition.

“It was the gloves that clinched it,” said 2002 World Champion Zac Munro. “But both those guys were amazing. They knew the music note-for-note.”