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Estonia searches for new slogan

Estonia searches for new slogan
Tallinn Old Town (Image: Rémi Lanvin under a CC licence)

10 September 2015

The Estonian government agency responsible for tourism, Enterprise Estonia, has begun a search for a new tourism slogan.

Enterprise Estonia is set to drop long-standing slogan “Welcome to Estonia” before the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Declaration of Independence and hosts the EU presidency in 2018.

The decision was taken following research that revealed the “Welcome to Estonia” slogan to be weak and poorly received around the world.

In 2014, Enterprise Estonia surveyed nearly 500 managers and CEOs of Estonian companies about their use of the slogans “Made in Estonia” or “Welcome to Estonia” when selling their products or services abroad. Only 4% of respondents reported having used these brands in the past, while 50% of entrepreneurs expressed their belief that having a common Estonian brand would be useful.

In a poll organised by Lonely Planet in 2011, Estonia’s slogan was voted the second least popular, with only the UK’s “You’re invited” faring worse. Latvia’s “Best enjoyed slowly” slogan came top of the poll.

The new slogan is expected to cost 200,000 euros (approx. US$224,000). Enterprise Estonia has stated that it will evaluate the results of recent brand studies, and initiate a wide-reaching discussion in Estonian society in order to identify the country’s selling points. They will also engage panels of experts from different fields, most crucially Estonians who have international experience either in business or creative fields.

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting