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Poland’s richest woman to set up art museum in Warsaw

Poland’s richest woman to set up art museum in Warsaw
Grażyna Kulczyk (Image: Awersowy under a CC licence)

25 November 2015

Polish businesswoman and art collector Grażyna Kulczyk is set to establish the Museum of Contemporary and Performance Arts in the Polish capital, Warsaw.

Ms Kulczyk, the country’s wealthiest woman and owner of the most valuable art collection in Poland, is due to donate a collection worth up to 100 million euros (approx. US$106 million). She will also finance the construction of the 6,000 square metre exhibition space, which will be built next to the Copernicus Science Centre in the centre of Warsaw.

Ms Kulczyk’s collection, estimated to be worth PLN 2.7 billion (approx. US$0.7 billion), features works by both Polish and foreign artists, including such painters as Władysław Strzemiński, Roman Opałka, Anselm Kiefer and Joan Mitchell.

The museum’s opening is currently set for 11 November 2018, which coincides with the centenary of Poland’s independence.

Source: Radio Poland