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Soviet cartoon exhibition opens today in Moscow

Soviet cartoon exhibition opens today in Moscow
Soviet cartoon character Cheburashka

2 December 2015

An exhibition showcasing Soviet animation opens at the VDNKh Centre today in Moscow.

Organised by Moscow-based animation studio Soyuzmultfilm, the exhibition will feature around 700 graphic and 3D exhibits, as well as a screening room and opportunities to hear from the filmmakers and artists behind the animations.

In particular, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see original scenery, sketches, storyboards, models and dolls from well-known cartoons such as Vinni-Pukh (Winnie-the-Pooh) and Cheburashka.

β€œIt is noteworthy that some of the exhibits are more than 60 years old and most of them have never been shown to the public,” the organisers highlighted in a statement.

In speaking about the exhibition, Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky mentioned that the Ministry is currently developing plans for a Soyuzmultfilm museum.

The exhibition is due to run until 28 February.

Source: RIA Novosti (in Russian)