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Impressions of Iceland exhibition in London showcases Russian and Belarusian talent

9 December 2015

Impressions of Iceland, an exhibition created by Russian photographer Vadim Levin in collaboration with Belarusian composer Alexia Mankovskaya, opens today at GRAD in London.

The photos showcased, brought to GRAD by Levin and his team Roman Zemlyachev and Igor Smolnikov, conductor Joozas Eitmananvicius and pilot Bjorn Asbjornsson, capture Iceland’s terrain from above, directing attention to the contours of the environment. Taken over the course of a series of flights between November 2013 and September 2014, the photos form part of a broader photographic project to document some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes and structures from the air.

Belarusian composer Alexia Mankovskaya has created a “sound sculpture” to accompany the photos, made up of 42 sound samples from across Iceland, including from the Snæfell volcano, and highlighting the interplay between sound and image.

The exhibition forms part of the GRAD Lab programme, which is devoted to contemporary experiment and digital engagement. It is the inaugural exhibition in a series of annual displays dedicated to photography.

Impressions of Iceland will run until 9 January 2016. More information can be found on the GRAD website.

GRAD (Gallery for Russian Arts and Design) is a gallery in London’s Fitzrovia, devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of eastern European arts and design.