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Ljubljana launches 2016 European Green Capital programme

Ljubljana launches 2016 European Green Capital programme
Central Ljubljana (Image: Gilad Rom under a CC licence)

20 January 2016

Ljubljana has launched its programme to mark its year as 2016 European Green Capital, bringing a host of environment-related events to the Slovenian capital throughout the year.

1 January saw an introductory event take place at Ljubljana’s City Hall, which included the raising of the European Green Capital 2016 flag and the switching on of a symbolic green light to mark the opening of the year. A photo exhibition entitled Ljubljana.For you., reflecting the slogan for the year, opened on 15 January. The official awarding of the title will take place on 9 February in Brussels, while the official opening ceremony will be held on 10 March in central Ljubljana.

600,000 euros (approx. US$655,000) has been set aside from the budget for the year’s special events. In addition to events focussing on the environmental health of the city, in June Ljubljana will host the announcement of the decision on the European Green Capital 2018. Each month of 2016 will carry a different theme related to the environment, the full list of which can be found here.

The European Green Capital Award was devised by the European Commission as an initiative to promote and reward environmental efforts in urban environments. The only city in central and south-eastern Europe to have received the title of European Green Capital, Ljubljana is taking over the title from Bristol in the south-west of England.

More information about the 2016 European Green Capital programme can be found on the official website established by Ljubljana’s city government.

Source: eTN and Slovenia Times