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Russia to make Game of Thrones-style TV series

Russia to make Game of Thrones-style TV series
Scene from Game of Thrones (Image: Game of Thrones / Facebook)

8 February 2016

Russia is set to shoot its own equivalent of fantasy drama series Game of Thrones.

The film company RFG (Russian Film Group) is due to produce the TV series about the history of the Romanov dynasty’s ascent to the throne, which will be made in the style of acclaimed US TV series Game of Thrones, according to the head of RFG Alexei Petrukhin in a presentation to Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya.

Project Era of Prosperity could be called an analogue to Game of Thrones. We have studied the business model of the series and have spoken with the creators of Game of Thrones. As in the US series, we will have several directors, several cameramen, each of whom will lead their story, keep track of ‘their’ family, ‘their’ characters,” said Mr Petrukhin.

The artistic director of the project will be Oleg Stepchenko, who is best known for directing fantasy film Viy 3D (2014). The creators plan to release 12 seasons of 12 episodes each. The first season of the TV series is due to be released in early 2018.

This development comes shortly after Kazakhstan announced plans to release its own Game of Thrones-style TV programme.

Source: RIA Novosti (in Russian)