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Serbian studio unveils minimalist 3D-printed phone

17 February 2016

Serbian studio Alter Ego Architects has revealed its plans for a 3D-printed phone with an interface that only features numbers and symbols, Dezeen reports.

The phone would be around the size of a credit card, would use an e-ink screen (working in a similar way to a Kindle device) and would not feature any apps, with the aim of preventing users acting like “mindless zombies” while on their devices, according to a statement by Alter Ego Architects.

The Novi Sad-based studio created the device, named the O phone, in order to propose an alternative to a smartphone and bring attention to the fact that many people spend more time on their phone than with their family.

“We’re spending on average more than three hours per day — almost one day per week! — looking at our cell phones,” said the studio. “In order to ‘be more productive’, we’re trying to fit too much stuff in our day, and smartphones ‘help’ us with this.”

The phone would be 3D-printed and inexpensive to produce, while its limited range of features would allow for the universal device to be used around the world with no need for different language options for different countries.

“It will be the first phone ever built without language barriers,” said the studio.

Source: Dezeen