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Dubrovnik looks to open film studio

Dubrovnik looks to open film studio
Dubrovnik’s old town (Image: Thomas Mues under a CC licence)

29 February 2016

Dubrovnik officials are contemplating establishing a film studio close to the city.

According to the city’s mayor, Andro Vlahušić, opening a studio in Dubrovnik will enable the production of both films and TV series, and the idea already enjoys the support of the Ministry of Culture and local film production service Embassy Films.

“I realised that if Dubrovnik, as a city of culture and great historical value, and also as a famous tourist centre, wants to be the top spot in Croatia and the world then that will be best accomplished through film. [...] we have seen in the world, from Lord of the Rings and New Zealand, to Saint Tropez and Brigitte Bardot, the most powerful promotion lies in film,” Mr Vlahušić stated in an interview with local news portal Dubrovački Dnevnik.

He added that he, together with other officials, had analysed a number of European film studios as examples and had even found a number of suitable locations to build the studio within a 30km radius of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik recently served as the backdrop for part of season six of the hugely successful fantasy drama series Game of Thrones, and is set to host filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII from 9 — 16 March.

Source: Croatia Week