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Russia to impose further restrictions on Netflix

Russia to impose further restrictions on Netflix
Map showing the availability of Netflix as of January 2016 (red = available, black = unavailable) (Image: NordNordWest)

4 March 2016

Netflix and other foreign video services are set to face further restrictions in Russia, as the Russian government is preparing a new set of requirements.

Under the new regulations, online video services operating in Russia must be run through a Russian subsidiary, must translate a minimum of 80% of their content into Russian and have to ensure that at least 30% of their content is locally produced.

Should a company not meet its obligations, access to its service may be blocked, as is current practice with websites proven to carry pirated content.

Russian officials have also stated that they might demand that Netfix apply for a broadcast licence, but they are prepared to negotiate and expect the US video service to take the first step.

Netflix declined to comment on these developments.

Last month the Russian government approved a proposal to tax digital sales by Apple, Google Play and Netflix, a move which received widespread support from local online video services. The proposal recently passed its first reading in the Russian parliament (Duma) and is expected to be signed into law soon.

Source: Hollywood Reporter