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“Book losing” event to take place across Hungary this weekend

“Book losing” event to take place across Hungary this weekend

17 March 2016

Hungary is encouraging readers to part with their favourite books as part of a campaign to promote reading.

Between 18 and 20 March, chosen books should be registered online, then left in a public place with an accompanying note for someone else to find.

“The aim of the campaign is to popularise reading,” explained Csaba Buzai, director of the library of Orosháza. “The more books are lost, the more are found and more people hear about the game. This way even people who don’t read every day or aren’t looking for this kind of entertainment might become interested in books. And thanks to these coincidences, people might happen upon a book they really like and thus discover the joy of reading.”

In previous years, around 500 books were lost by participants in each event. This year the organisers are extending the event to run over the whole weekend, giving participants the opportunity to disperse more books.

Source: Daily News Hungary