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Slovenian museums criticise state attitude to culture

Slovenian museums criticise state attitude to culture
The National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana (Image: Žiga under a CC licence)

5 April 2016

The Slovenian Museum Association has released an open letter criticising the government’s attitude to culture, citing “unbearable” conditions in museums and galleries around the country.

The letter’s authors point out that museums have suffered chronic underfunding, making reference in particular to budget cuts and poor maintenance of museum buildings. According to the letter, the public institutions dedicated to preserving the country’s cultural heritage are both overworked and facing tougher performance targets, as they are expected to increase visitor numbers and their own funding.

In addition, the letter noted a shortage of funds for investment and new purchases, highlighting that digitisation and storage of material should be among the top priorities for the country’s programme of cultural development.

The Association also pointed blame at unreliable local authorities, which often fail to provide adequate funding for the implementation of cultural programmes by museums and galleries set up by local communities. The letter included a warning that once Slovenia’s cultural infrastructure collapses, it will be difficult to rebuild it.

The museums and galleries involved called for regulation of the development of cultural heritage, “not just because it reflects our identity and our culture, but because museums and galleries educate and enrich our society”.

Source: The Slovenia Times