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Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award winners announced tomorrow

15 April 2016

The winners of the annual independent Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award will be announced tomorrow.

The award categories for this year’s prize are Grand-Prix Pop-Mechanica, Best Visual Art, Best Media Object, Best Curatorial Project, Best Public Art, and Best Text On Contemporary Art.

Established in 2009, the Kuryokhin Prize is one of Russia’s most prestigious independent art awards. The prize is based on the Pop-Mechanica principles established by Russian avant garde composer Sergey Kuryokhin, which privilege unpredictability, improvisation and provocation within art, and pursue new interaction between different art forms.

The St Petersburg-based Kuryokhin Centre organises visual art exhibitions, art events and festivals. On 1 April Russia’s first “KRUSH-MAPPING” performance saw a video projected on to the Centre’s building as it was being destroyed. According to a statement by the Centre regarding the event, “the first step in [the Centre’s] reconstruction is deconstruction”.

The Kuryohkin Centre is set to be reconstructed on its current site, with the building work expected to take around two years.