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Czech Republic set to become Czechia

Czech Republic set to become Czechia
Prague, the Czech capital (Image: Miroslav Petrasko under a CC licence)

15 April 2016

The Czech Republic plans to adopt “Czechia” as its English name, in order to make it simpler for people to use.

According to the country’s Foreign Ministry, a one-word name is more practical and flexible, and this opinion has been supported by leaders including president Miloš Zeman, prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka, and speakers of both chambers of parliament.

“[...] It is recommended to use a one-word name in foreign languages if it is not necessary to use the formal name of the country,” read a statement by the leaders.

The country will retain its full name but Czechia will become its official short geographic name. If the name change is approved by parliament, the new name will be added to the United Nations Geographical Names database.

However, some have criticised the proposed name, claiming that it is ugly or too similar to the southern Russian republic of Chechnya.

Source: Independent