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Budapest to get largest synagogue since Second World War

15 April 2016

A new synagogue planned for Budapest is set to be the largest constructed in the Hungarian capital since the Second World War.

The Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation plan to erect a new synagogue, Jewish cultural centre, education centre, kosher restaurant and shop with an area of over 2,000 square metres close to Margaret Bridge in central Budapest, in the Újlipótváros neighbourhood.

The complex, which is to be called Zsilip — meaning “Floodgate” in Hungarian — will be set within the historic Palatinus Houses, which will be converted for the project.

“Many Jews who died a martyr’s death over 70 years ago hailed from Újlipótváros, and I deem it important to emphasise that our institution is also a display of respect towards them”, said the leading rabbi of the religious organisation, Slomó Köves.

Source: Hungary Today