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The Lost World: Polytech science festival in Moscow this weekend

The Lost World: Polytech science festival in Moscow this weekend
(Image: Anarchy Dance Theatre / Facebook)

20 May 2016

The Polytech festival of science, art, and technology will take place this weekend in Moscow.

Now in its third edition, the festival takes “The Lost World” as its theme this year, after Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel on humanity’s desire for discovery, and will take place at VDNKh’s Industry Square.

Comprising lectures, multimedia art exhibitions, theatre, scientific experiments, discussions and a children’s programme, Polytech brings together a range of high-profile artists, scientists and speakers from around the world.

Of particular note are Second Body, a high-tech multimedia ballet performance about the human body in the new digital environment by Taiwan’s Anarchy Dance Theatre, and a lecture by American author and science historian James Gleick on the impact of our relationship to information on human consciousness. In addition, Olivia Judson will give a lecture on the evolutionary biology of sex, while Japanese art collective Exonemo and art group have created a new kind of black market – an art market of internet artifacts.

Polytech: The Lost World will take place from 21–22 May outside VDNKh in Moscow. A full programme of events can be found here.