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Kosovo broadcaster avoids eviction

Kosovo broadcaster avoids eviction
(Image: Krish Dulal under a CC licence)

2 June 2016

Kosovo’s public broadcaster, RTK, has ignored orders to leave its premises or face a forced eviction.

The notice period for RTK to vacate its premises or pay backdated rent expired last Wednesday. The authorities have not yet forced the departure of the broadcaster from the site, however.

Bekim Shehu, an advisor to RTK’s General Director, told the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network that while RTK does not intend to leave the premises, the organisation’s management is keen to discuss the issue with PAK, Kosovo’s Privatisation Agency, which deals with the administration of Kosovo’s publically-owned property.

“We are still on the premises and no attempts at eviction have occurred so far, but it has also proved impossible to reach PAK to explore a feasible solution,” said Mr Shehu.

According to Ismet Bexheti, chairman of the RTK board, RTK sent an official letter to PAK some days ago to request a meeting.

“While the [RTK] board is committed to discussing the issue, we are still waiting for a reply from PAK so a meeting can be held,” Mr Bexheti stated.

On Thursday a joint press release by PAK, the police and the Kosovo prosecutor said that all socially-owned property would be cleared of “usurpers” according to the law.

PAK had previously stated that RTK was illegally using the assets of the now defunct Radio Television of Pristina (RTP), Kosovo’s public broadcaster before the Kosovo War, demanding that RTK pay back rent for the period that it has used RTP’s facilities.

Mr Shehu has claimed that the situation is absurd, given that both institutions were set up by the Kosovo parliament.

Source: Balkan Insight