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Dutch artists launch Russia rainbow app

Dutch artists launch Russia rainbow app
A double rainbow over St Petersburg (Image: FAndrey under a CC licence)

6 June 2016

A group of Dutch political artists have launched Raduga (Rainbow), an app designed to give Russians a legal means to protest the country’s “gay propaganda” law.

The mobile app uses live satellite data to predict the formation of rainbows over Russia, sending users an alert when rainbows are set to appear in their area. Users can upload and share the rainbows they spot and photograph on social media.

“The beauty of the project is that it can provoke commentary on the political situation, but it does so with humour, without nailing one’s scrotum to the pavement of Red Square,” one of the project’s creators, Cecilia Hendrikx, stated, making reference to Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky nailing his scrotum to Red Square in 2013 in a political protest.

Source: Radio Free Europe