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Moscow road renovations cause damage to archaeological sites

Moscow road renovations cause damage to archaeological sites
Moscow's Tverskaya Street (Image: sailko under a CC licence)

7 June 2016

Activists claim that numerous archaeological sites have been damaged during roadworks on Moscow’s central Tverskaya Street.

According to activist Konstantin Mikhailov from the Arkhnadzor architectural preservation organisation, who was cited today by the Meduza news agency, a white stone cellar that formed part of the Church of Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki has been partly destroyed by the works, with one of its walls removed and and an arch damaged. Mr Mikhailov also affirmed that the equipment used to carry out the construction had caused damage to the brickwork on Pushkin Square.

In a statement to TV Rain, a representative of Arkhnadzor, Andrei Novichkov, said that he would appeal to the Prosecutor General regarding the legality of the works, making reference to the Russian law that dictates that construction works have to cease if objects of archaeological importance are found on the site.

The Moscow city government “could not have been unaware that there are archaeological artifacts throughout the entire centre of Moscow,” he claimed. 52 streets around the Russian capital are set to be renovated within the framework of the “My Street” initiative by September this year.

Source: Moscow Times

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