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Orthodox activists shut down music festival in Tbilisi

Orthodox activists shut down music festival in Tbilisi
(Image: Jinjer / Facebook)

7 June 2016

A group of ultra-conservative Orthodox activists, led by several militant priests, disrupted a rock festival in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on Saturday.

According to organiser of Tbilisi JAM Festival, Vladimir Unanyants, the protesters appeared 30 minutes into the concert and tried to stop proceedings.

“They were yelling and accusing us of organising a mass sex orgy… Then, suddenly, the electricity went off. From what I’ve been told the owner of the venue cut it off,” Mr Unanyants said in a statement to local news website Netgazeti about the events. He noted that their complaints also included the alleged desecration by the festival of a nearby cemetery.

Although the police stopped the demonstrators from entering the main stage area of the festival and convinced the priests to leave the area, the concert was immediately shut down after the power cut.

Source: Georgia Today