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Vladimir Putin backs $4 billion “Russian Disneyland”

Vladimir Putin backs $4 billion “Russian Disneyland”
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, California (Image: Tuxyso under a CC licence)

14 June 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his support for a proposal to build a $4 billion theme park modelled on Disneyland.

The amusement park, which would be located in the Kaluga region, just southwest of Moscow, would be called “The Magical World of Russia”. According to Kaluga Governor Anatoly Artamonov, who spoke on the project during a meeting with Putin last week, its facilities are set to include the largest water park in the world and hotels, as well as interactive, educational programmes for children.

Mr Artamonov described the park as a “kind of Disneyland” that would offer families both the chance to relax and to “learn about Russia and about the rest of the world”.

According to the transcript from the meeting, published by the Kremlin’s press office, no state funding would be required to build the amusement park.

“Investors aren’t asking for any state involvement. They just would like to be sure that this project has the government’s approval. We, of course [in the Kaluga regional government], gave our approval. And if you give your support, then they’ll have even more confidence,” Artamonov told Mr Putin, who reportedly gave his support “with pleasure”.

Source: Meduza and The Moscow Times